Saturday , 19 April 2014
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The Changing Face of Car Scrapping

There are all sorts of reasons to scrap a car, one of the most popular being that it’s been written off, i.e. it is no longer cost effective to repair. Traditionally, finding yourself in this position would mean that you might have to pay for the privilege of having your car scrapped.

However, the tide is changing, and scrapping your car through certain avenues can benefit you financially, yes really.There is obviously significant financial value locked up even in a car that doesn’t work anymore, and by unlocking this value you can actually make some real money.

One of the main reasons why scrapping a car is potentially much lucrative in the modern day is that the methods of recycling a car are much more sophisticated than they once were.

It’s now easier than ever to separate valuable materials from a scrapped car, and to re-use and recycle these materials through a range of avenues.A car is obviously made up of all sorts of different materials and each has some kind of value.The reason why this value wasn’t exploited in the past was simply that separating this valuable material from a car was not cost effective.There are all sorts of uses for the materials found in scrapped cars; for example, tyre rubber is used for soundproofing and engines and other working parts could be reclaimed to be used again in car restoration.


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  1. Nice Blog, it take help and give benefit financially.

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