What’s So Great About the Aurora Borealis?

Many people assume that to have a great holiday experience you need to venture to warmer climes. Of course there’s nothing wrong with the sun, however the world has so much more to offer. The northern latitudes have plenty of stunning natural and manmade wonders for the intrepid holidaymaker.

The Aurora Borealis is considered to be one of the most stunning natural phenomena in the whole world. What is it? Essentially, it’s the interplay of charged particles from the sun, which creates a beautiful effect high up in the atmosphere, an effect of wheeling colours, cosmic shapes and beautiful dynamism.

Of course it’s only quite recently we’ve been able to unearth the truth about the northern lights. In the past various cultures attributed them to supernatural phenomena. The Vikings, for example, imagined the lights to be the reflections off the shields of the Valkyries.

Knowing what causes the northern lights by no means diminishes their beauty and wonder. Today they are just a inspiring and on many people’s bucket lists, i.e. one of the things they just have to see before they shuffle off this mortal coil.

It might surprise you to learn that the lights are even visible in places like Scotland, however they are quite elusive here. If you want to be relatively sure you’ll see them then you might consider northern lights holidays to more northern climes, such as Sweden or Norway.

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