Different Benefits of Ground Protection{0}

Ground protection is essential for protecting your grass or ground particularly if your ground is due to be used by a high number of people or vehicles. If your grounds are due to be used, it is highly recommended to provide a pathway or temporary road with ground protection which should be seen as a prevention rather than the cure.

Ground protection could include solutions such as trackway, temporary access roads, equipment platforms, grid panels, raised platforms and many other ground protection solutions are available. Whether you are planning for scorching hot weather or wet muddy conditions, it is important to use ground protection. In hot weather, your ground is likely to be hard however if the ground will be used by vehicles, to transport heavy or awkward equipment or even trodden on by heeled shoes it is likely the ground will be prone to holes, grooves or uneven lumpy ground that will need fixing if ground protection is not used to prevent the damage.

A trackway create a solid temporary roadway which is extremely useful during wet weather where the ground protection is needed to ensure people, equipment and vehicles are kept out of the mud. You can opt for plastic, rubber or steel trackway ground protection depending on your budget and ground protection requirements for your home and garden ground protection.

Trackway ground protection acts as a filter in between the tyres and the soil which ensures the ground underneath is maintained and flat and the grass is still intact rather than a very muddy field and damaged grass roots. Without ground protection, it can be even more expensive to replant grass patches or time consuming if you need to wait for the grass to regrow. Damaged trackway ground protection also provides a clear and smooth runway for vehicles and people allowing for a free flow of traffic and prevent cars and people from getting stuck in the mud which can cause traffic to build up and a potential bottleneck.