All You Need To Know About Labels

Promoting your product is an important aspect of marketing. It lets you gain popularity among consumer that compels them to buy your product. The promotion of the product can be done in many different ways but label is also a part of promoting your product and more importantly it gives your product an identity.

The first thing that a consumer sees on your product is your product label it lets the consumer know the name of your brand and also give him some particular set of information that you want to share with your consumer. This includes the price, contents, manufacturing date and place and some other details. It lets your product have a separate identity from other and also plays the role of an advertisement to your product. The self adhesive labels are quite popular when it comes to products as they cannot be removed easily and comes at a cheaper price tag.

What is it?

Strictly defining, it is a piece of paper that carries some information about your product. It carries a set of information that may be useful to consumer.


For the sake of convenience labels have been categorized into four different categories-

  • Brand label It lets people know about the brand of the product. This is a small and simple type of label and has symbols to define the usage of products. These sorts of labels are mostly used in clothing industry.
  • Grade label It lets consumer to know the quality of product. There are different sort of alphanumeric characters that are used to define different grades.
  • Descriptive label The label that gives the consumer the specific description of product is the descriptive label. The description is kept small, concise and simple so as to make people understand easily.
  • Informative label It is the most common label that you can see on the products. It provides us with complete set of information regarding the product and is mainly a self adhesive label.


  • A label acts as an identity of your product and makes it recognizable and distinct from the other products.
  • It can act itself as an advertisement campaign for your product if the customer finds your label more appealing.
  • A perfect label can led to the recognition of your brand with a particular color and pattern.
  • The eco friendly label can also let you have a sustainable approach and work towards your corporate responsibility
  • The label also lets you show the information that the law demands and the guideline, problems of usage.

Labeling has become an important part of product. As it is informative and appealing the companies especially employees designer to design there label more appealing and informative than the rival. The label previously used provided environmental hazard but now there is an eco friendly approach towards them. The self adhesive labels are way off above any sort of labels and thus are being favored by majority of manufacturers. The manufacturer wants his label to be more and more informative and compelling and also provide customer with some other information too like special offers and discounts available on the products.

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