Finding Extra Money for Christmas

Another summer down, and suddenly Christmas is right around the corner. However, for many of us who have just finished paying for our summer holidays abroad, the prospect of finding money to buy Christmas presents for friends and family alike is not a great one.

When money is tight, it can be hard to balance financial commitments with the urge to make Christmas as magical and as special as it should be for the whole family. After all, it isn’t just presents that need to be bought, but trees and food are also going to be right up there on the list, along with, for many people, whole new winter wardrobes.

As such, the lead up to Christmas can be a very expensive time, but one that is well worth the extra expenditure. And, from ensuring that integral Christmas purchases are bought throughout the months leading up to Christmas to looking at ways of finding a little extra money to help meet the growing list of expenses, the good news is that it should be relatively easy to make Christmas the magical time it should be, without you having to sacrifice too much in the process.

The first thing to consider is buying Christmas essentials well in advance. Not only might you be more likely to find perfect gifts at lower prices before December arrives, but spreading the cost of Christmas over a matter of months rather than a panicked couple of weeks will help you to better manage your finances in the run up to Christmas. From presents through to food and drink, there will be plenty of things that you can stock up on many months before Christmas.

However, there will still be times when you may well need a little helping hand to afford to enjoy Christmas in the way that you should. Yet such finance might not always be available. Whether your credit cards won’t allow you to find that extra cash or whether you have had problems in the past with repayments and in turn struggle to get credit at all, there will always be ways to get the money you need.

Not only might there be plenty of cash lying around your house in the form of assets you do not need or use, but you may also simply be able to put more expensive assets up as collateral for a loan. Logbook loans, for example, will allow you to use the money tied up in your vehicle to release cash, in much the same way as remortgaging one’s house would allow access to the huge value locked within.

A logbook loan can allow individuals to find the exact amount of money they need, and to in turn spread the cost of Christmas throughout the following year in a much more focussed way, in the form of monthly repayments. As such, the festive period will not have to suffer due to a lack of funds and individuals can subsequently ensure that they can keep on top of simple monthly repayments without falling behind.

So, the sooner you look at alternatives such as the logbook loans UK companies offer, the sooner you will be able to start planning your perfect Christmas.

About the Author – Adam Howes is a freelance writer who regularly contributes articles for financial companies such as Varooma.

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