Five Things You Should Try and Win

Life can be an expensive venture and with all the added extras, the costs can easily rack up. One way in which this can be counterbalanced is through winning things through competitions. They are a great way to get your hands on items and experiences otherwise out of your reach. Below are five of the best competition prizes to be had.


There is a reason that the lottery is so popular, with millions pinning their hopes week in and week out on their chosen numbers. Money is often seen as the ultimate prize and a desirable and much sought after reward for taking part. With money, people can accomplish things they had only ever dreamed of. Whether it is simply paying off the credit card or making an elaborate purchase, well spent money can reap in many more rewards.


We live in the age of technology Phones, laptops and mp3 players are now fixtures in the fabric of daily life and these everyday items are as much about fashion as function. As such, keeping up to date and technologically relevant is something vitally important to many members of the population, yet it is often unaffordable. Winning technology eliminates the extortionate costs often associated with these gadgets and, even better, offers the opportunity to win brand new gadgets that are not yet on general release.

A Car

For most people, buying a car is one of their biggest purchases and as such, a process that takes a lot of financial planning. By entering a competition and winning a car, the hassles of buying are eliminated and who wouldn’t want a brand new car to drive away in? With generally top of the range models to be won, you will never hear a person complaining about having won a car!

A Meal

Going out to dine is a luxury that in hard pressed times, people can ill afford. However, there is little more enjoyable than having a night spent breaking bread in a restaurant. With food and drink freely flowing, diners are able to relax and revel in the experience. With dining experience competition prizes often a cut above the rest, offering exclusive tasting sessions or multi-course menus at Michelin starred eateries, any chance to win one should be embraced!

A Holiday

Holidays offer many things: luxury, leisure, new experiences and ultimately the opportunity to take a break from the daily grind. However, with the cost of a decent holiday often acting as a deterrent, many people are forced to put their time away on hold. The chance to win a dream holiday, therefore, is one that should not be passed up on, offering the opportunity to not only have your time away, but also at no cost at all!

Competitions and prize draws present people with chances to play and win fantastic items and experiences that they could otherwise struggle to afford or justify. The five prizes above in particular offer this, making them things that everyone should try to win!

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