How Hair Transplants Can Boost Confidence{0}

There are many reasons why people would wish to have a hair transplant, but the foremost of these is alopecia and cancer. Alopecia can occur at any age and is in many cases un-treatable. If you are a man you may decide that the Yule Brynner look will make you have a greater sex appeal to women, but as a woman the thought of a bald head is in almost all cases abhorrent.

Cancer, due to chemotherapy, will often cause severe hair loss and while the recovery process this may well grow back for some, a lot will not have the full head of hair they previously had. Of course there will be those at an early age that are just going bald and feel that they are uncomfortable with this and, just like Wayne Rooney, they will have a new thatch transplanted.



This is an illness that in almost all cases will give total hair loss. This may sometimes be brought on by shock at a very early age as with the Olympic swimmer Duncan Good-hew, or may just be an illness that occurs for no reason. If it should occur in your later years you may just accept this illness, but if it occurs when you are younger then you would either choose a wig or a hair transplant.

A wig will deteriorate over time and you will constantly need to replace them They do also require a considerable amount of care and thus may not be ideal. A hair transplant will be permanent and will enable you to feel a lot more relaxed and indeed more comfortable with yourself. The hair you choose can be the same color as you previously had or you may wish to become a blonde. The choice is yours.



One of the side effects of cancer is that severe hair loss may occur and that even when the treatment ceases the hair will not regrow. You may be offered a wig and if you are in your latter years this will be OK but if you are youthful or middle aged a hair transplant will be better for you.