How To Make A Claim Against A Bus Company?{0}

If you have been injured whilst travelling on a bus, then you may be eligible for financial compensation. Under the circumstances, your claim will actually be with the bus operator’s liability insurer. It is crucial if you have been injured in such circumstances that you seek out legal advice, so that you may become better informed about your legal rights.

Bus accidents

Every year, hundreds of people are injured whilst travelling on buses. Most accidents on busses result in only minor or superficial injuries, such as cuts and bruises. Other accidents can be more serious however, which often proves to be the case when busses are involved in collisions with other vehicles – busses that have no seatbelts, for example, put passengers at grave risk of injury in the event of a collision.

Some accidents involve no other vehicles, however. In a rush to meet deadlines, it is common for bus drivers to set off before their passengers are seated. This is obviously very dangerous and especially so where children and the elderly are involved. It is easy to become unbalanced and to fall over on a bus under the circumstances.

Making a claim against a bus company

If you have been injured while travelling on a bus, it is possible to make a personal injury claim. However, there are some eligibility criteria which you have to meet to have a claim:

When did your accident happen?

In the United Kingdom, there is a strict time limit in place to which you must bring forward a personal injury claim. That time limit is three years, and it starts from the date your accident happened or from the date your injuries first became clear. This is known as your Date of Limitation or your Date of Knowledge. After three years, your claim cannot be brought forward ordinarily, because it will have been statute-barred or time-barred under UK law.

How did your accident happen?

While it is unlikely that an accident on a bus in which you were injured was your fault, it will still have to be proven that the bus operator was at fault. To this end, you must have a level of diminished liability to have a claim. You can still make a claim if you were partly responsible for an accident, such as if you ignored safety signs, however the higher your level of liability is the less compensation you can realistically expect from the other side.

Get legal advice

Following any accident, you should seek legal advice from a law firm specialising in your kind of accident, and a law firm that offers free advice without obligation. To get informed about your legal rights, you can call UK Claim Lawyers enter site)..