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Important Things to Know Before Insulating Your Home

Many people are aware of the vast difference that home insulation can have on their personal warmth and their heating bills  and addition part to their regular home maintenance.

However, what few people are aware of is that in addition to professional insulation, they can make a difference themselves by following a few tips:

  1. Appliance Testing

The aim of home insulation is to ensure that heat and greenhouse gases cannot escape from the home. In addition to being a great way to save on heating bills, insulation means that the homeowner is taking the best possible steps to reduce their own contributions to climate change. However, by checking the efficiency of their appliances, and replacing/repairing those appliances which are not efficient, they could be doing even more.

  1. Ventilation

Whilst it’s important that the insulation is thorough, many people can be too thorough with the measures they take. In order to maintain air quality and to minimize the chance of mold or moisture problems, the house needs to breathe. Therefore, taking measures such as covering vents could cause huge problems and should never be done.

  1. Removing Can Lights

Many modern homes were built with can lights already fitted. These ceiling lights are both attractive and efficient but some can be a fire hazard if they are surrounded by insulation whilst some are perfectly safe. The way to check is to look for the rating inside the bulb. An IC rating means insulation contact and these are safe to be in proximity to insulation. However, no IC rating means they could be hazardous and should be replaced.

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