Is it Possible to Switch Block Management Companies?{0}

You might have a very passive relationship with your block management company. You pay your service charge without thinking about where the money is going, you might scan through correspondence but not really digest the promises made in there, you might very rarely if ever call them to complain.

Is a passive relationship with a block management Manchester company really a good idea? Well obviously not, the decisions that your block management company makes directly impact on the quality of your life and your lifestyle. You deserve the very best.
Did you know that if you aren’t happy with your current block property management Manchester company you are able to switch, the process will be as follows:Your block of flats will have a Residents Management Company. This will be made up of interested tenants, which you are welcome to become involved with. These residents will help to guide the decision of a property management company, for instance setting the service charge.

The prospective new block management company will meet with the Residents Management Company, discussing pertinent matters and viewing the current property management arrangements. The prospective company will arrange their own plans for managing the property, outlining these plans to the Residents Management Company.

They will need to notify freeholders and landlords etc, ensuring that all owners and residents are notified of any changes.