Perfect Treatment Of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins have become a common problem amongst millions of persons across the globe. Though not pain giving, these veins do give ugly looks. The disordered valve in the major draining vein linked with our legs is responsible for varicose veins that may lead to complications. The blood may flow backwards or in excessive manners that may be problematic in the shape of bloating veins. They may be pressurized that is visible and becomes varicose. Competent doctors and surgeons may be consulted for varicose veins treatment.

Following treatments methods are popular across the globe:

  • Medication – This is the simplest method of treating varicose veins. Applying over the counter cream like Invisi-Vein from Venus Naturals gives excellent results. This ointment helps in treating the disease in even manners. Rich contents of calendula extract help in saying NO to inflammation. This cream contains vitamins and minerals that work wonders in facilitating quick relief for the patients.

Another medicine by the name Venarin is also recommended for the patients that suffer from this disease. Contents of horse chestnut and other major ingredients in this medicine facilitate quick relief. Horse chestnut is helpful in saying NO to pain. Those suffering from enlarged size of their veins are able to reduce the same in a big way. Available in the shape of pills, this medicine is one of the best treatments.

  • Stockings – Making use of compression stockings helps in reducing the excessive pressure on the varicose veins. Flow of blood throughout the body including the veins is improved with these stockings. Patients heave a sigh of relief by wearing the same that relax the legs and other parts of the body.
  • Surgery – Expert surgeons perform small operations to say NO to this disease that harms millions of sufferers. The noble doctors perform surgical stripping, i.e. ligation that involves small cuts from the groin to just underneath the knees. The affected veins are removed in full. It may take four to six weeks for getting recovered from this small operation. The success rates are about seventy five percent. Valuable services of an anesthetic may be required for performing such operations. This method of treatment has benefited thousands of patients that have availed of varicose veins treatments.
  • Endovenous Laser Ablation – This is another invasive procedure that is performed by the qualified doctor and local anaesthetic. This particular method of treatment involves use of a small hollow tube that is inserted into the main draining vein. It is sealed off with the help of lasers. The blood is forced through a secondary venous system which is helpful in reducing the pressure on the bloated disordered varicose veins. This procedure results in shrinking the size of the affected veins in a considerable manner. The results of this system are about ninety percent and the patients are fully satisfied with the same.
  • Sclerotherapy – An injection full of salt solution is inserted into the varicose vein with the help of a small needle. The scar tissue created through the irritated lining of the vein gets reabsorbed into the body. The experienced doctor ensures that the concerned patient does not suffer in terms of any problem with the valve in the major draining vein of his or her leg.               

Care – Varicose veins sufferers are advised not to cross their legs while sitting. It may create complications. Blood circulation throughout the entire physique including the legs can be improved with simple exercises. Standing or sitting for long must be avoided. Wearing loose clothes is recommended for the patients.

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