When You Should See A Surgeon For Back Pain?{0}

One of the most common ailments that afflicts adults today is back pain. Back pain has a number of different causes, and it’s difficult to know when it’s serious and when it’s just a basic sore back. In many cases you might feel compelled to go to the doctor, but the pain may be benign. There are a few instances in which you should not hesitate to go see your doctor. We will talk about a few of those below.

Long-Lasting Back Pain

If you experience back pain, then it will likely diminish in under 6 weeks. If you have only had back pain for about a week or so and there’s nothing more severe beyond that, then just give it some time. If it doesn’t go away after six weeks, contact your doctor.

Serious Accident

If you have had a serious accident like a fall or a car wreck, then you should see a surgeon immediately. Serious trauma and minor trauma in those over 50 can cause spinal fractures. It’s always a good idea to consult a doctor if your back pain occurred as a result of trauma.

Tingling Sensation or Numbness

Numbness or tingling is generally a sign of nerve damage or irritation that over-the-counter treatments will not be able to fix. If you have a constant “pins and needles” feeling, then you may be experiencing spinal stenosis is or a herniated disc, both of which can pinch the nerves and produce tingling. See your doctor right away so that they can take a look at your spine.


Sometimes a fever and an achy back combined is just a sign of the flu or other common sickness. But, if you have a fever and an achy back independent of any other symptoms, then it might be wise to find a doctor. You may be experiencing an infection that requires antibiotics to heal properly.

Pain at Nighttime

This is certainly an odd issue, but it’s one that has potentially serious implications. If you can walk around and function during the day with no back pain to speak of but then you have back pains when you lay down for bed, then you should go see a surgeon right away. If you’re waking up in the middle of the night with back pain, it could be a sign of a number of things like a sprain, disc degeneration, or even a tumor. Talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

Foot Drop

Foot drop is a condition that occurs when you have to consciously lift your foot up while walking. If you don’t lift your fit up, then it may drag or feel like it’s “dropping.” This could be something that occurs in conjunction with back pain. If you are experiencing foot drop and back pain, then it could be a sign of nerve damage or irritation. A herniated disc could be the culprit behind both the pain in your back and your foot drop.

Of course, this is far from an exhaustive list of reasons to go to the doctor for back pain, but it can get you started. Just remember that any mild to moderate back pain that lasts for under six weeks generally isn’t a cause for concern. That being said, you know your body the best and you will be able to make these judgments on your own and stay healthy .