Wednesday , 16 April 2014
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Are E Cigs a fashion statement ?

Cigarette Smoking: A Social Taboo or Status

Smoking as time states has been a social statement, world over. Remember the person riding a horse in the wild west of America puffing a cigarette and the world going gaga over the scene. Yes Marlboro created an impact, it became a symbol of movement for the youth and the world followed. Sales skyrocketed, the promoters created an impact in the stock market and generations puffed galore. Major world sport events were also sponsored by Cigarette giants.

Days passed, the advertisement was shown across all print and T.V. Media. The brand created an impact, It became a leader overnight.  The man who symbolized a symbol of a macho and a youth icon had passed away in isolation. Cancer had laid his pangs on another life; a youth was uprooted by the after effects of tobacco.  Millions life are addicted to this smoking syndrome and simultaneously One forth of this addicted group fall prey to the dreaded Cancer.

Families face the consequences, long ending treatment with a remote possibility of cure. High medical bills and a long wait for an uncertain result.  Is this what we smoke for, is that what we want our loved ones to face, is that why we have spent so much money for our enjoyment. Is this our symbol of being a macho? Then what are we waiting for: A cure, A remedy, A solution. Yes a result, someone who can save us from this addiction. It’s easier said than done, because removing an addiction is like removing a part of your body and leaving you to face the agony.
Is there a Solution: Yes a REVOLUTION

Many people have advocated many solutions. Common statements are “You need will Power” Some say “Just say No”, few have succeeded but majority abstained because it was really a problem they say.  A revolution occurred, Herbert Gilbert and later Hon Lik a Chinese created a revolution A substitute to the dreaded cigarette was in sight. Glimpses of hope were revealed. Imagine keeping the feeling intact, the style in place, the smell in nostalgia, the style syndrome intact and the symbol of great feeling, but erasing the after effects. A breakthrough which is pocket friendly, health conscious and symbolizes the feeling of good health can only be described as a gift in disguise.

Any great step starts with a small step forward and anything in that line is always commendable and adorable. What better can be achieved when style remains intact, Confidence speaks but health remains unaffected?
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A breakthrough is a gift, but that what benefits us all is an endowment to cherish. Renowned Noble laureate, Dr Md Yunus goes to state:

SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette is amazing, I can see my self less addicted to smoking and most importanly, no one stops me while I am with my SMOKEFREE E  Cigs. It has made my life better, I need not go downstairs every time I need to smoke. I conclude by stating, “that which brings a breakthrough for the benefit of mankind goes down in  history as an irrevocable breakthrough.”


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