The Ultra Modern Denby Jet Grey


If you are thinking about wedding gifts and really don’t know what to get the happy couple, then the Denby Jet Grey 4 piece set could set them on the way to a collection of stylish, high quality dinnerware. This light grey dinner set is fantastic and affordable to buy, especially if other guests have agreed to invest in one too. The design of this range relies on subtlety of light an textural variation and the resultant affect exudes quality. The lip of the cup is ringed making this set perfect for those who want a more urban style to suit their kitchen.

Alternatively the Denby Jet Dots offers a unique twist on the staple formula for those who like there to be more of a designer’s touch to their dinnerware. Also in the Jet range is the black and green 4 piece set which combines aubergine greens and mottled blacks to create an intriguing and unique affect. If you are looking for something a little darker, however, then the Black and Blue 4 piece box set combines late evening blues with midnight blacks. This color scheme stands out against paler backgrounds, so it is often important to consider the effect that will be created.

The Black and Grey creates an even darker look still but this color scheme ends up being probably the consummate urban design that we have. It is a great investment for anyone who is wanting to create a modern and contemporary affect that will leave your guests stunned.

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