The Benefits of Business travel insurance

We all know how important holiday travel insurance from the way every holiday package encourages us to buy it. Getting holiday insurance coverage is relatively cheap and an efficient way to make sure you stay fit healthy and care free for your holidays. Most of us will buy a policy when travelling but few of us bother when we’re travelling for work. A leading travel insurance company companies most favorable travelling options for you and your family. Work after all isn’t (generally) quite as fun so we tend to overlook travel insurance – especially as we can generally avoid most of the pitfalls that befall regular tourists. However, business travel insurance (see Columbus Direct) actually offers a lot of additional benefits that can really save you in a pinch so are definitely worth examining. With that in mind we take a quick look at business travel insurance.

With that in mind we take a quick look at business travel insurance.
Standard policy contents

Like holiday insurance most standard policies contain protection for lost luggage, health and delays. These are standard policies and are of course useful in the business world when your flight is delayed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Of course, unless your employer is paying for your insurance the flight remuneration won’t be of huge value but the health and luggage are always vital. Finding yourself without a suit at the last minute can be a real pain but at least you’ll get the money back.
The added benefits

As we’ve already mentioned the standard benefits of travel insurance are the core benefits but the added business tailored benefits are what really makes business travel insurance worthwhile. Whilst policies vary business travel packages often include business equipment, emergency couriers, business equipment hire, theft and loss of business money. These represent some of the standard added benefits business travel insurance offers.

Business equipment cover generally covers accidental loss, theft or damage to your equipment and is fine but not often the highest priority. Emergency couriers and emergency business equipment hire are much more useful as they allow you to instantly replace any lost or damaged equipment in time for important meetings and events. In terms of ensuring business efficiency and that you are covered in the event of unforeseen events this makes business insurance vital for maintaining a high standard of professionalism under any eventuality. You can generally claim hire or courier costs for anything that is lost, damaged or stolen so the coverage options are plentiful.

Finally having your business money covered is essential to secure travelling for work. Losing your company credit card or cash can cause you severe inconvenience making out of pocket expenses so having “instant” cover makes your life a lot easier.
The costs

Business travel insurance can cost from between £10 and £30 a trip; and upwards of £40 annually. Annual insurance is generally the best option if you travel regularly but be sure to examine the details as you may sometimes require specialist additions – if you’re business travel needs outstrip the coverage offered. Generally speaking make sure your policy is tailored to your actual needs rather than by cost alone as maintaining professionalism is central to good business practice.

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