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A Complete Guide To Buying Your First Carpet Cleaner

The hectic pace of the modern life means, even more, gadgets are being developed every day. Carpet cleaners are not a new development but they are becoming more popular. Vax carpet cleaner models, in particular, have a really strong, industry-leading brand reputation; and have increased the overall demand for hygienic solutions also. There is a wide range of different types of cleaner available in the market but let’s first discuss the benefits of owning one.

Why wash your carpet?

There are three key reasons you should keep your carpet thoroughly washed.

 Remove pollutants

Using a carpet cleaner gets rid of all dormant trapped pollutants. A dirty carpet could retain any number of different pollutants from those that are airborne to those developed from spilled drinks or food. Other elements your carpet may harbor include pet dander, lead, general dust and other allergens. Toxic gasses are known for easily getting trapped in carpet fibers and this can eventually contaminate your home’s air in general. Owning a carpet cleaner and using it regularly eliminates this risk.

 Remove dust mite infestation

It might not be your first thought but dust mites are everywhere and particularly older carpets are often riddled with infestation which can spread to furnishing, curtains, and bedding. Dust mites aren’t allergens per se but the fecal matter and body fragments they leave behind are. Inhaling particles can be done without noticing and this can further exacerbate or bring on existing allergies.

 Limit mould growth

If your home is prone to damp, despite damp coursing then using a carpet cleaner could further prevent the development of mold. If your carpets are left dirty in a home where mold is rife or you’re at risk of it then chances are it will spread into the carpet and then your job to remove the problem is even harder. Using a carpet cleaner eliminate this problem as a quality cleaner sinks into the deepest of the fibers and removes all potential dangerous elements.

Special Features

There are many features you’ll expect from your carpet cleaner and when shopping for one you should keep these main points in mind to ensure you’re buying a cleaner which meets the expectations you’ve set.

 Rotating Brushes – Many Vax carpet cleaner models come with rotating brush bars. These travel deep into the carpets fibers and can break down embedded dirt and grime, particularly food or mud stains. The brush bars also leave the carpet looking refreshed and groomed.

Tank Size – you can find a wide range of different tank sizes and this choice is dependent on your home’s size and your needs. The majority of machines will have up to 4-liter capacity although 2 liters is usually enough for more regular sized rooms.

Onboard Tools – do you want to use your cleaner on the stairs or in the car? Onboard tools on some models are designed to give the further functionality such as for use as a car interior cleaner or for refreshing the staircase.
Choosing your first carpet cleaner doesn’t need to be a trial when you keep these few points in mind.

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