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How To Make Your Bathroom The Perfect Evening Sanctuary

With the pace of life getting ever more frantic these days and more of us juggling work and domestic responsibilities, it’s even more important to take some time out every once in a while. A busy life may not always lend itself to me-time, but if you can create a sanctuary in your own home, that’s half the battle. The bathroom is the perfect place to which to retreat at the end of a long day, but a small functional space doesn’t become spa-style luxury overnight. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

De-clutter and clean

There’s nothing less relaxing than having to squeeze yourself into a tiny bathroom, filled with bottles, old magazines, and damp towels. Whilst many bathrooms might have built-in space issues, there are plenty of ways to minimize the clutter and make some room to breathe.

Invest in some smart storage like a tallboy or free-standing wheeled unit to tidy away the shower gels and body lotions and leave the bath for you alone. What’s more, if you combine your storage with the sink unit, not only will your bathroom vanities have somewhere tidy to live, but a well-designed vanity unit makes for a natural focal point as well as a practical solution.

The great thing about all this added space is that the floors and surfaces will be much easier to keep clean. Giving everything a quick wipe down more regularly maintains that level of hotel presentation that can make a familiar room feel much more luxurious.

Create a mood

Once you have some more room to work with, set to work decorating the bathroom. You may be surprised at the difference a few accessories make, such as matching soap and toilet brush holders to emulate the uniform appearance of a spa retreat. With the extra space around the bath, install some scented candles or a few pot plants to get that organic vibe working.

Think about furnishings that will raise the bar from functional to luxury. Look for a vintage stool or chair to make those pedicures a bit more comfortable, or pick out a few pictures that will match the decor on your walls. During the day, optimize the natural light from a window by getting rid of blinds or net curtains and installing a screen for privacy in your home instead.

Lighting is a big influence on mood. Whilst a lot of mirrors and overhead lights in the bathroom tend to be bright by necessity, make sure you have dimmer options like wall lights, or simply use candles whilst in the bath.

Transforming a household bathroom into a spa-style sanctuary undoubtedly requires some effort, but the rewards more than make – up for this. Next time the hassles of the day threaten to get on top of you, it’s good to know you can sneak away, lock the door and have all the tools you need for a relaxing time already at hand.

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