Benefits Of Car Shipping London service

Car shipping London is a service that both private and commercial customers can use to transport vehicles to various places within the UK. Companies who offer car shipping London services will have a number of transportation options to meet the requirements of any model and make of vehicle.

Some car shipping London companies will even be able to assist customers with visa arrangements for car export. Applying for a visa to export a car overseas can be a very time-consuming and complicated process if a person has never done this before. Car shipping London companies will have an extensive knowledge of this process and they can help people complete the necessary paperwork to ensure that the vehicle can be shipped quickly with less hassle for everyone involved.

Car Shipping

Car shipping London companies will have tow trucks and flatbed Lorries allowing them to deliver one or a number vehicles to anywhere within the UK to meet the needs of the customer. The price of car shipping in and around London will depend on the type of vehicle and where it needs to be taken to.

The car shipping London Company will have a number of packages to cater for both private and commercial customers. Most car shipping companies in London will also offer scrap car London services and they will be able to collect cars free of charge that are no longer road worthy and in some cases, they will give people cash for their scrap car in London.


Car shipping London companies should be able to offer customers updates throughout the duration of the vehicle’s journey so customers know where their car is and when it will reach its destination. Car auctioneers and car dealers will tend to use dedicated car shipping London companies to deliver their vehicles to customers around the UK.

Flatbed Lorries can hold up to 13 vehicles making them ideal for multiple deliveries on the same day. Scrap car London services will ensure that scrap cars are dealt with in an environmentally responsible way be removing all harmful chemicals, recycling any parts and then recycling the metal.

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