Business Report Writing Tips

Writing business reports can be one of the most daunting tasks for any professional, especially if they’re new to a role. They take some time, effort and some writing skill. If you don’t write a business report properly then it can fail to convey the necessary information, reflecting badly on you and your bosses. It is becoming more and more common for PAs to tackle business reports, here are some tips:

Nobody likes to read business reports, although they are important. The best reports are those that attack information in a direct and succinct way. The expression “time is money” applies here, and the more information you can pack into a smaller space the better.
In order to achieve this you’ll need some writing skill. Writing skill isn’t about using superfluous language, rather its more about being economical and clear in how your write. Thankfully, you can take a report writing course which will teach you the nuts and bolts of report writing.

One of the skills that report writing training will teach you will be to plan and outline a report before actually writing it. The advantage with doing this is that you’ll be less likely to overwrite, and instead  you’ll methodically address the pertinent issues, or at least one would hope.

Remember, there is help out there not only in terms of training but also in terms of your colleagues who should be able to proofread your reports before they are submitted.

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