Five Reasons You Should Own A Tote Bag

Whilst the war on plastic continues, there are plenty of options cropping up to help you ditch the traditional plastic bag and begin to use a reusable option instead. Here we are going to look at five reasons why you should opt for one of those new options and own a tote bag.

Saving Money

One of the many reasons that you should own a tote bag is due to the fact that you have the potential to save yourself some money in the long term. The tote’s design allows you to hold a large amount of products without the need for multiple bags. A tote bag is also crucial since the introduction of the 5p charge as tote’s can help you to avoid some additional expenses that add up over time.


Another benefit of owning a tote bag is the element of customisation. You can personalise them either with a custom written message or you can have images printed onto them to. This is a main reason to own a tote bag as they are much more stylish than a traditional plastic bag. This then means that more people will be looking at your bag as you travel down the street allowing you to show off a little bit of your personality as you roam the stores, whilst keeping the contents of the bag private.


One of the other reasons that it is beneficial to buy a tote bag is due to the durability that you will get through owning one of these. The tote bag will not only help to carry the items that you have bought, but the straps are less likely to break regardless of the weight that you are carrying. The durability is also beneficial for the longevity of the product as this means that it can be reused multiple times before it eventually becomes damaged. Whether you intend on using a tote bag for a shopping trip, as storage within your room or for your lunch box to the office, trust that whatever your needs that the tote will oblige.

Changeable Sizes

A tote bag is also a good option as it allows you to have differing sizes that can hold differing amounts of your possessions. The larger tote bags make for an amazing option when going about the weekly food shop, as this allows you to store and transport vast amounts of goods in no time at all, while the smaller tote bags are the ideal tool when taking your packed lunch to work. This is also beneficial in terms of the design that can be placed onto the bag as the changeable sizes allow for a bigger or smaller design.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the main benefits for using printed tote bags is due to them being much more environmentally friendly. This is not only because of the material that they are made from is biodegradable but also the fact that they can be used more than once. Which means they won’t end up in a landfill like the conventional plastic bag and can be remade into another item when they have reached the end of their lifecycle.

With all this in mind there are plenty of tote bags out there for you to choose from with differing shapes and sizes allowing you to save the planet by ditching the plastic.

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