Understanding Technology in Conference Spaces

When you’re choosing conference facilities what do you look for? Adequate space is probably a factor, ease of access for visitors, good location and various amenities too. What about technology? These days, modern conference facilities Manchester will equip various kinds of tech, in order to offer adequate functionality for users of the space.

So, what kind of technology can you expect?
Lecture theatres are often used for presentation purposes. With this in mind you’ll find various kinds of tech which facilitates presentations. For example you should find quality screens or LCD projectors, data points, microphones, PA and potentially a visualiser in addition to whiteboards etc.

Another aspect of AV to consider is the support and whether that is guaranteed by an in-house team familiar with the venue and its specific issues or bought in.

Not everyone is conformable with giving presentations using digital formats and with this in mind you might look for analogue solutions, simply a whiteboard and some pens for example.  This might be particularly useful when we’re talking about smaller presentations.

Connectivity is another important facility. There should these days be internet connectivity, WiFi, and you might also require traditional telephone connections too.  The capacity of these connections may be important particular for conferences where social media for delegates forms an important part of the conference experience.

The way that you use a conference space will of course decide what technology you’ll need; however, even if you think you know what kinds of tech you require of a conference space it pays to have some other options just in case.

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