How To Save Money When Buying A Commercial Refrigerator

If you are on the market for a brand new commercial refrigerator but are hoping to save a bit of money, you have come to the right place. One way many people try to save some cash is to purchase a used commercial refrigerator. We will share with you why you should reconsider that choice and how you can save a lot on a brand new model below.

Why Used Commercial Refrigerators Are a Bad Idea

In an attempt to save business capital, many owners have purchased used refrigerators. Unfortunately, this decision often ends up being a costly regret.

Some sellers will not be honest about why they are selling the refrigerator. They may have had an inferior part installed so that the fridge would work for the next month or so while they try to sell it. Many sellers are not the original owner, so you will never know the full history of the fridge. Used appliances often have missing parts and have acquired a ‘smell’ that may be impossible to get rid of. Used refrigerators are also older than the newer and more energy efficient models

Tips for Saving Money When Buying a Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial fridges in Melbourne are by no means cheap, but you can save a lot upfront and in the long run by following these tips:

Take Advantage of “Scratch and Dent” Deals

Some of the most reputable refrigerator manufacturers and distributors will have special ‘scratch and dent’ deals on a variety of refrigerator models, including:

  • Discontinued refrigerators
  • Former demo units
  • Former rental units
  • Factory seconds which had minor dents and/or scratches

These models will have been reconditioned and checked to ensure that they are still in good working order. These refrigerators are perfect for businesses where clients or customers will not see them, or where the business can come up with ways to conceal any damage (such as placing the dented side of the fridge against a wall).

Buy an Energy Efficient Model

Refrigerators can suck up a lot of energy, which unfortunately means a high energy bill. The newer models are substantially more energy efficient than models that are five or 10 years older, meaning that you will save in the short and long term on your energy bills.

Consider Renting Your Fridge

If you are short on business capital, want to test out a make or model of refrigerator, or only need the fridge for a short period of time, renting a commercial refrigerator may make the most financial sense. Here in Australia, there are a handful of commercial refrigerator companies that allow companies to rent their appliances for a week at a time. Some refrigerators can be rented for as little as $10 a week (not including GST), and if you are able to rent a ‘scratch and dent’ model, you can expect to save even more.

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