Nice Spots Where To Go In Bali With Your Family

Traveling to Bali with your family is something nice to do. Unfortunately, because of the hectic life on some parts of Bali, not all of those famous spots in Bali are friendly enough, especially if you are visiting Bali with your family. If you are asking where to go in Bali with your family, then you will need to visit some of these spots in Bali since these spots are considered as the friendly spots for your family.

  • The first one is Sanur Beach. It is true that there are a lot of boats to see on this beach, and that can be quite annoying for some people. However, if you are traveling to Bali with your family, this beach is a nice option to visit. That is because Kuta Beach is totally full of crowd and Sanur is a little bit more quite. This way, you will not need to worry about your kids, if you have them with you.
  • The second spot is Mount Batur. This mount is the second highest mount that you can find in Bali and this spot can be considered as one nice spot to visit with your family, especially if your family loves to have the activities with the nature. That is because most of the hikers are considerably humble and polite. As the result, you can easily teach many good things to your kids, rather than visiting the crowd beach that is full of half-naked tourists.
  • The next spot is Waterboom Bali. This is the spot is considered as the must-to-visit spot in Bali, especially if you are traveling with your kids. There are some reasons why this place is said so. The first one is because this water park has a lot of nice attractions that your kids will surely love. The second reason is because this water park is considered as one of the best water park on the Southeast Asia region. The last one is because the ticket price is affordable enough.
  • The last spot that you might need to visit is Seminyak. You can use this place as the main base camp if you are in Bali. There are so many hotel options that you can try if you are visiting Bali. As an addition to that, many of those hotels offer you the nice facilities that you can simply enjoy with your family. There is nothing that you cannot find from those hotels in Seminyak.

Those are some nice spots that you can try to visit if you are in Bali with your family. For your information, you will need to think about the need of your kids better if you are looking for the best spots to visit in Bali. That is because the lifestyles in Bali sometimes show something inappropriate for your kids so that you, as their parents, have to make sure that you are giving them the nice and positive travel experience that they might have never experienced before in Bali.

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