Traveling To Australia: Important Information About Visitor Visa

Australia is a very beautiful place. A large number of visitors visit Australia every year for a number of reasons, such as visiting friends and/ or relatives, holiday, for a short time study, or for working purpose. If an individual wants to visit as well as stay in Australia for some period, then it is mandatory for him/her to hold an Australian visa that should be valid.

From the following list of the visitor visas, an individual, who is outside of the Australia as well as holds his/her passport (that should be an eligible Country), can apply online in order to obtain his/her visitor visa. Such as, if one individual is a citizen of India, then he /she can also apply online in order to obtain the australian visitor visa from India. The list of the particular visas is as follows:

Visitor Visa is associated with subclass 600 

  • The particular visa is applicable for the individuals, who are traveling to Australia.
  • If you are visiting as a tourist.
  • For the activities of a visitor as well as visits for a business purpose.
  • If you are visiting to see the family.
  • On the tour with a registered travel agent from the individuals’ Republic of China.

An individual is allowed for visiting the Australia with this particular visa for a particular time-frame as per the decision of the Minister.

The Visitor Visa is associated with some features, they are as follows:

The particular visa allows the individuals for visiting Australia.

  • The Visitor Visa is for the business visitor purpose or for visiting.
  • You can visit for the duration of up to three months as well as six months or twelve months.

The particular visa’s charge for the base application ranges from AUD135 to AUD1000.


The visitor visa Australia is associated with certain requirements. An individual may be able to obtain the particular visa if he/she is traveling to the Australia.

  • If you are traveling as a visitor.
  • If you are visiting for a business purpose, for the visitor’s activities.
  • If you are visiting in order to see your family.
  • If you are on the tour with a registered travel agent from the individual’s Republic of China.

Electronic Travel Authority visa belongs to subclass 601

This particular visa is applicable for an individual (or people), who is traveling to the Australia:

  • If traveling as a tourist.
  • Visiting for a business purpose, for a visitor’s activities.

In most of the cases, the particular visa allows an individual in order to visit the Australia on the multiple occasions within the time-frame of 12 months from the date of granting of the visa or the lifetime of the passport of the visa holder (whichever is shorter both of them) at a time for the time-frame of the three months.

When this Electronic Travel Authority visa is going to granting an individual, he/she must be present to the outside of the Australia. If an individual applies for this particular visa while that person is in the immigration clearance, then at the time, when this visa is going to be granted, that individual must be present in the immigration clearance.

The eVisitor belongs to subclass 651 and it is associated with its own rules.


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