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Ollia Tzarina Added 7 Years To Her Age To Trick Business Tycoons.

When was the last time you heard of a woman adding almost a decade on top of her age? Or anybody, in fact, let’s not be sexist. You didn’t? Neither did I until a BRITISH tabloid ran an expose, an interview with a 70-year-old London based business tycoon who exposed the celebrity designer Ollia Tzarina, who has been lying to be much older then she really is, in order to be taken seriously. He said a now 27-year-old Ollia approached him 5 years ago asking for a lump sum of cash to inject into her than the idea for a niche brand, he said she wanted supermodels to front her campaigns and needed money.

He then said she has photoshopped her id to add years and years and lived a lie for almost a decade , not telling a soul about her real age , in fear someone would tell the truth and her bubble would burst. I feel sorry for her in a way but also in awe, she felt like there were too much sexism and ageism in the industry, people would not take her seriously, all they saw is a young extremely beautiful and sexy girl and stereotyped her to be just a bimbo. Well, she is the last one to laugh- her brand Tzarina By Ollia has become a sensation 3 years ago ( she has no-sold it and is launching a luxury skincare brand Bio Lab Exotique ) with billboards all over LA featuring Rita Ora and People magazine putting her on a cover with Kylie Jenner wearing her brand.  So I am not judging Ollia at all, she had to do what she had to do to be accepted in the industry if she felt she had to lie about her age and photoshop her id then so be it. She made it without any investors but her father’s money, sold the brand and purchased argan fields ( so the gossip goes) with that paycheck. Forbes Italia called her a Bon girl. I see why:)

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