Some Effective Tips For Redecorating Your Living Room

If you have been putting off renovating or decorating your home and afraid of the expenses involved as well as the charges of a professional interior decorator, well, the good news is you can do it yourself! Yes, it is possible to renovate your home in an easy as well as simple step by step way.

Since you know your home, your family, your likes/dislikes and your lifestyle, you are the best person who can change it into something your family really enjoys living in. A home is the most important thing for a family or an individual. It is an expression and extension of who you are as a person and a family.

So, where should you start with an interior designing and decoration project? Well, the most logical and basic step would be assessment.

What changes would you like?

First assess and make a list of what you need to change room by room in your current home. While there are many ways innovative ways one can use to make dramatic changes, it all depends on what kind of change do you want. The easiest things to change would be the lighting, the furniture position, existing unwanted items or adding new ones. Think of all the changes you wanted and make a list of it. And while you’re at it, ask your friends for some pointers too.

The resources:-

Next comes accumulating the resources. Find out what stuff you have already have. Rummage your attic or garage. My personal experience has taught me, that there’s any old item that can be recycled and with a few finishing touches here and there make innovative uses out of them. For example, old barn wood can be used as a room partition, or for making tables shelves and even in ceilings. While buying anything new try to picture how your room would finally look like.

The aesthetics :-
The reason why we go “Ooh” and “Aah” over a beautiful home is that it has its ambience is correctly illustrated. Any such place has 5 key elements – light, color, texture, pattern & scale. The secret lies in balancing each element.
You can greatly enhance the looks of a place by placing a lamp or light in the corner. For your walls, selecting a wall paper with pastel shades that reflects lights would be good thinking. This way you can easily change the wall paper yourself. While the task itself is not difficult, it does require ample patience and space.


Create one by clearing all the furniture and other things in the room and cover the room with a drop cloth. You could even go for a wall mural; one that can create a dramatic effect. Such murals in many different designs like the bush, water, garden, and also scenery, flowers, etc.

When you design a space, keep in mind that trends don’t last long. Go with decorative home accessories that will look good at least till you decide to renovate again. You can use local artwork to adorn your walls or even your own paintings. One benefit of using art is, there is nothing right or wrong; it only has a perspective. If you’re going for painting, or even photographs keep them at eye level.

Pebble bowls:-

Putting some beautiful colorful pebbles in a bowl is another great idea that is cheap as well as handy. You can even fill it up with water and add some floating candles in it. Adding such an item in a corner desk or as a centre piece can give you some pretty good results.

About your furniture:

You can decorate the space above the sofa with black and white photos in clean white frames. Bright, colorful pillows are a common trend nowadays. These add to the overall brightness of the room without forcing you to spend a lot. Rugs on the floor enliven any room and make it look cozy. Even arranging the furniture in a different way can change the way a room used to look.

De clutter:-

Last but not the least, too many items in a room make it look overstuffed. This is a very common mistake people make as they keep on adding new items without removing old ones. The best way to put away excess or old furniture, is to store it somewhere safe, till you find some innovative use or space for it. A good place to store such extra belongings would be self storage facilities which are cheap as well as safe. Examples would be storage Heathrow and Storage Cowley. These can significantly help you keep your stuff out of the way till you figure out a new space or use for them.

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