How To Overcome Obstacles And Achieve Body Of Dreams

Achieving a perfect body or the body of dreams requires a combination of different factors. You need to exercise and eat the right food, and above all have a mental attitude that supports your fitness program and encourages you to achieve the body of dreams .

Most people prioritize on exercise and diet, without realizing the fact that psychology also plays a great role in achieving the body of your dreams. Like when growing muscles, the bodybuilders go to a healthy protein supplement store, similarly, there is a logical explanation of you not achieving your desired body despite exercise and diet. The lines below give the major reasons that are obstacles in you achieving the body of your dreams.

Bad Relationship:

One of the major reasons why people don’t get the body of their desire is their being in a bad relationship. Being in a bad relationship causes you to stress, and stress is not favorable to your body condition in any way. Moreover, bad relationship does not hold to your partner only, rather, your parents, angry boss, in-laws, and all those people that interact with you and cause you stress are a bad relationship and you need to avoid them if you can’t get out of it. By reducing stress, you increase the chances of achieving the perfect body.

Food Intolerant:

When you think you are eating the right foods doing the right exercises but still not losing fats, then perhaps you are intolerant to certain foods. Your intolerance to food causes inflammation, and in most cases it is usually passive for different foods. When you are intolerant to foods, your body does not function properly and as a result you don’t lose the desired fats. Therefore, check out the foods you are intolerant to and then avoid such foods to get body of dreams.


Another major reason, which is most commonly ignored and overlooked, is the polluted environment in which you live, that hinders in you losing fats and achieving the desired body. The toxins in the form of pollution, cosmetics, prescription drugs, mercury, metal tooth filling, and cigarette smoke wreak havoc on the body and decrease its ability to burn fats. Thus, when your body holds fats, you don’t get a ripped and lean body.

Besides these three major factors, the obvious factor of not working hard enough to burn fat is another reason because of which you may not lose fat and achieve a ripped body. Therefore, work hard, avoid polluted environment, research on the allergic foods, and stay away from any bad relationship as possible to get the best body and to stay fit as well as healthy .

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