Some Useful Tips For Pool Landscaping{0}

When it comes to our homes, we are all becoming amateur designers. We spend a huge amount of time renovating our homes, making them comfortable and relaxing spaces to spend time in. However, so few of us spend the same amount of time on our gardens. This is such a shame, especially for those of us who have a pool, because we could be making so much more of our outdoor space.

Choosing a Pool

One of the first things we should do, if a pool is not already installed. Is check out as many inground pools as possible. This will enable us to find the style which fits best with our land and our personality.

There are so many pools to choose from, including infinity pools, customised inground pools and pools with unusual water features, that anyone can find a pool to suit them.

Measure Up

An important part of pool design is measuring the available land. You want to install a pool which is proportionate to your land, or it could end up talking over and it won’t do much for your landscape design.

Pool Surrounds

Pool landscaping ideas is often more about the things which surround the pool than the pool itself. The choices we make about pool surrounds say a lot about us and pour style. There are so many choices to be had, too, which can make it quite difficult.

You can choose everything from weathered stone, to sand, or decking as a pool surround and each one will have a different effect, so it is worthwhile taking some time to consider what image you want to present.


Safety features are an important part of landscape design. If you have kids, you need to ensure that they will be safe. However, some pool fences can be very unattractive. It is well worth taking the time to source attractive, intrusive safety measures which will greatly enhance your pool.