The Importance Of Maintaining And Cleaning Air Ducting{0}

Many modern homes, offices, warehouses and factories have air ducts that are used to circulate warm air in the winter and cold air in the summer. Ducts are a great way of channeling air around a building. However, there are potential problems with these systems especially if you do not keep them clean. Air ducts are very much out of sight out of mind, so cleaning air ducts is something people rarely think of doing until they experience a problem.

Failure to keep air ducts clean can lead to health issues. Ducts are moist places where mould can easily form. When the system is switched on mould spores can be spread. For some people these airborne spores cause health problems.

Occasionally vermin get into ducting systems. When that happens they defecate in the ducts and some of the diseases that they carry can be spread to homeowners and workers when the excrement dries and the dust from it is spreads through the air. If the dust settles on food bugs can also be ingested via the mouth. Keeping air ducts clean is the only way to ensure that germs and bacteria are not spread through via the duct network.

How often do ducts need cleaning?

How often air ducts need cleaning varies and is dependent on several factors. For this reason, it is always wise to ask a specialist like Trilogy Restoration they are an Austin based air duct cleaning and restoration contractor. Firms like this one also build ducting systems, so understand the layout and environmental factors that affect how often a specific air duct network needs to be cleaned.