How to Care for Rechargeable Digital Camera Batteries

Many more digital cameras make use of rechargeable batteries these days. However, whilst these batteries can provide users with significant advantages, many people remain unaware of how best to care for them and therefore don’t maximise the charge lifetime that these batteries offer. This is a big shame as caring for rechargeables really is very easy:
Be nice!

In essence, this means that users shouldn’t do anything to their batteries that could be in the slightest bit detrimental to their physical well-being. For instance, users should avoid dropping the batteries, shaking them or exposing them to extreme temperatures. Furthermore, keen photographers who carry replacement batteries with them would do well to get into the habit of storing them deep in their kit bag rather than in the outside compartments as they will be much safer that way.

Store rechargeables properly

Rechargeables should be stored in a cool, dry place when they are not in use. However, a rechargeable battery will not benefit from being stored away for very long periods of time so users should endeavour to use them at least once every 2-3 weeks.

Practice good power-saving techniques

All rechargeables have a limited number of possible charges which inevitably decrease over time. Therefore, the fewer times they are charged, the longer they will last. Practicing good power-saving techniques, such as running the LCD brightness at the lowest light level, will help users to decrease the number of charges they need to use.

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