Things To Consider Before Purchasing Ready Mix Concrete

RCM is concrete that is amalgamated in the static mixture in the middle batching and mixing plant. It is provided in fresh condition to the buyer at the site. It comes in a truck called a transit mixer in which is placed under regular rotation until it is brought out for utilisation. This is the finest solution as compared to the normal concrete mixture as it does not require much work, attempts and is not that expensive. It is a distinguishing material too as it assists in maintaining a uniform quality throughout the work and provides you with high speed of concrete construction. It assists in ignoring the issues like bad work ability, segregation, inappropriate blending time, and the rest that one always faces in the traditional concrete mixes.

Now, you must only go for high quality ready mixed concrete North London, which is why here are some factors that must be considered by you before choosing the material.

  • Extra Utilisation Of Fly Ash 

You must make sure that an appropriate portion of fly ash is present in the concrete. Some producers of the ready mix concrete include an extra amount of fly ash in concrete which is not at all recommended keeping the standards in mind. Usually fly ash is included in concrete around 16% to 26%. Plant owners do this to decrease their costs and elevate profits. Therefore, you must be aware before purchasing Ready mixed concrete at lesser rates and must face fraud by these lesser rates.

  • Source Of The Ingredients 

The ready mix concrete dealers buy various concrete ingredients from various sources. Some sources offer high-quality materials and some might not. You will have to analyse the dealer by reflecting upon their sources. You must only choose the one whose sources are popular in the market because of its quality like the ready mixed concrete North London.

  • Utilisation Of Admixture 

Sometimes the extra dose of admixture might be added at the project site to retain the workability of the concrete. Some of these mixtures consist of chlorides, and if this is the case then you must be aware of the total amount of chloride that is available in the entire mass of the mixture. If you find out that there is a high amount of chloride present in the concrete, then it will lead to the corrosion of the steel which will impact the service duration of the building. Therefore, such admixtures must not be used at all.


There are multiple factors that need consideration when it comes to purchasing RMC like the testing of concrete, traffic problems, duration of the transportation and so much more. So, before you make any choice, make sure that you are purchasing the ideal one so that you do not face any kind of problems in the long run.

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