Top Advantages of Black Friday

Top Advantages of Black Friday Appliance Shopping

Consider tracking prices using free tools if a new appliance is on your to-do list. This will help you spot suspicious pre-holiday price spikes. Large appliances are generally the cheapest in the Fall, particularly in September and October. This is when this year’s models are released, and sellers must clear out last year’s inventory.

Smart Refrigerators

Appliances like refrigerators and washer-and-dryers help you make your home run more efficiently. But that kind of functionality usually comes with a high price tag. Fortunately, you can save money on appliances by shopping during Black Friday. Navigate this to learn more about the discounts and offers of various appliances you might want to avail If you’re not in a rush to replace a broken dishwasher or old refrigerator; there are other times of the year to score great deals. For example, sales on last year’s model of large appliances typically kick off when this year’s models roll out, and many retailers offer package savings during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Another way to save is to look for point-of-sale rebates. They’re usually more substantial than discount coupons and can cut a few hundred dollars off the price of an appliance. However, refunds are typically applied retroactively and require you to fill out a form, often via snail mail.

Finally, don’t be afraid to negotiate. In a recent Consumer Reports member survey, 23 per cent of major-appliance shoppers successfully negotiated prices, saving a median of $119 per deal. Also, ask your HR department if your employer has discount partnerships with stores or manufacturers. Teachers, military personnel, and first responders are also eligible for discounts at some retailers. In addition, some energy companies provide rebates on appliances that use a lot of electricity.

Self-Setting Microwaves

When shopping for small appliances on your counter or large that tuck into the wall, you’ll often find better deals during certain times of the year. Three-day holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day tend to yield lower prices than usual, while other sales occur during retail events, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Microwaves are one of the most commonly bought appliances, but if you’re willing to shop around, you can find a better deal than any other time of year. The best way to do this is to identify your ideal appliance and check monthly pricing. Compare features, reviews and price drops to find the best option. Choosing the right microwave type for your kitchen is another important factor. For instance, you may prefer an over-the-range model that combines space and ventilation for a clean, organized look. Or, if you have limited counter space, choose an under-counter model that tucks into a cabinet. Other features you’ll want to consider include pre-programmed settings, defrost settings and sensor cooking. Once you’ve shopped around and determined which appliance fits your needs, don’t hesitate to ask for a discount. Many retailers and salespeople have monthly quotas to hit, and even though some may say no, it never hurts to ask.

Free Shipping

Many major appliance retailers offer free shipping with any purchase, but it’s especially popular during Black Friday. That’s because the retailer wants to encourage you to shop with them during their biggest sales of the year.

If you need a new dishwasher, refrigerator or washer and dryer, Black Friday is the time to get them. You’ll also save on smaller appliances like microwaves, coffee makers and vacuums. Some of the best deals include bundled sets that are ready for delivery, such as an LG 4-piece package with a freestanding electric smart refrigerator, a top freezer and full-console ice machine, and an LG gas cooktop with an induction element and a convection oven. During the holidays, you can usually expect some of the lowest prices on kitchen appliances offered all year. That’s because stores often host annual sales from the weekend before Thanksgiving through the Sunday after the holiday. Some deals are limited to brick-and-mortar stores, while others are online only. Knowing what you want before searching for an upgraded kitchen is important. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate. In a recent survey, 23 percent of those who bought a major appliance succeeded in negotiating a better price.

Unbeatable Prices

During Black Friday sales, you’ll find the best deals of the year on major appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers. Other big appliance shopping holidays include Presidents’ Day and Labor Day weekend. Appliance retailers mark down prices during Black Friday and other holiday weekends to remove old inventory. You can even bargain for an extra discount. For small appliances, iRobot Roombas and Keurig coffee machines are some of the most popular items at great discounts during Black Friday appliance shopping. Shoppers can save on kitchen appliances like GE washers and dryers or KitchenAid mixers. Check back frequently to see new appliance deals, which often change hourly. 

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