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Use Ground Protection To Keep Your Grass Safe.

Grass can have a hard time when it is in a high usage area. If you have a grassed area which is used by pedestrians or vehicles, it can soon turn into a muddy munsightly ess. As well as looking unkempt it can also be a dangerous surface. You need ground protection for all areas of grass and other ground which is regularly used. You may also need it for a one off event where grass which is normally left untrodden suddenly has a high level of traffic, whether pedestrian or vehicular.

So how can you protect your grass? If you are running a short term event such as a festival or show, then you need something which you can lay down quickly and easily and can be removed after the event. The ideal ground protection for this sort of occasion is ground protection access mats.

Ground protection access mats are made from recycled plastic, and can be taken up and re-laid easily. In the past many people have used wooden planks and duckboards for ground protection, but these have many disadvantages.Wood can easily become slippery when wet and so is better avoided in these circumstances. It is time consuming to put down and not easy to take up again afterwards.

A ground protection access mat can be used many times, being laid down and taken up again easily. This makes it extremely cost effective.

Ground protection access mats, being plastic, are lightweight and easy to store, making them perfect for regular events where they do not need to be down as a permanent fixture.They will not rot while in storage, or if they are down for a long period of time in a damp area, and do not need to be treated with expensive and harmful chemicals to protect them.

If you are working in an area where you are using a grassy area for access, then ground protection is essential. Heavy machinery can damage grass or driveways, and both of these will need ground protection while the work is being carried out.

Ground protection access mats should be laid before the work is started, and then they can provide a non slippery access route for vehicles and heavy machinery, fulfilling a dual role of protection and safe access. They are suitable for up to 30 tonnes so vehicles such as tractors and construction traffic can use them safely.

So if you need ground protection for an event, or for construction, then ground protection access mats will fit the bill perfectly. They will protect grass and other sensitive areas throughout the course of the event or the construction, and afterwards can be removed and used again elsewhere. They are easy to fit, being designed so that two people can lay one and take it up afterwards. They are easy to store and cost effective, lasting for many years. Made from recyclable plastic, at the end of their useful life, they can be recycled again.

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