When we hear the word “diamond” we think of glamour and sparkle or we may even hear wedding bells. There is no denying the brilliance, magnificence and beauty that a diamond has, and it can make the wearer feel just as bright. So what is it exactly that makes women the world over fall so madly and deeply in love with these precious stones? What causes this love affair and makes it this intense? Many women want a real diamond of their own, but why? It can be difficult to describe why some things are so desirable, however in the case of diamonds it is not so mysterious.

Rarity, Purity and Value

Rarity alone heightens our lust for diamonds, anything that is difficult and therefore valuable to come by that then ends up on our finger or around our neck, will make the wearer feel special and lucky. Knowing that the diamond on our finger has not come cheap may also be part of the pleasure. Diamonds often signify special and long last lasting occasions such as an engagement, wedding and anniversaries with the value everlasting and unique nature of the stones proving to be the perfect symbol. The purer, clearer and more flawless the diamond is, the better quality it will be and the more special the wearer will feel. Understanding what makes one diamond more valuable than another may also help in the choice.


Diamonds can vary in colour from lesser known colours such as yellow and even brown to the more conventional red and clear diamonds that most of us think of. Do you want to have a sunshine diamond or maybe a chocolate one? Anything chocolate-based is often decadent and desirable however the way the diamond looks is just as important. If sunshine or chocolate does not suit you, why not stick with a traditional clear and sparkling diamond to brighten up your finger. What remains important is that the diamond looks the way you want it to look, sometimes following your heart can work just as well.

Reflection of Personality

People can be like diamonds which can be helpful to take into account when choosing one. If looking for an eternity, engagement or wedding band the diamond will be with that person for a lifetime, so reflecting their personality through it can be very beneficial in choosing the correct one. Like people, diamonds have many sides with varying degrees of clarity and colour, would you or your partner suit a flawless diamond or would a more edgy rock suit the personality?

Whichever diamond you or your partner chooses, picking the correct one is vital. You will have this precious and beautiful stone with you for life and you want to ensure it is right for you. Diamonds vary so much but one thing remains the same, the beauty, glamour and sentimental significance of a diamond will shine through and hopefully make you or your partner smile each time they catch a glimpse of it.