Tips For Couples Bridal Shower{0}

Planning a wedding can be stressful, between the guest list, the location, the food, and all the dresses and suits, it can get overwhelming. A fun part of the wedding process, before the actual wedding, is the bridal shower. Traditionally, a bridal shower is only for the bride and her female friends and family. In more recent years, however, coed bridal showers have become more popular. This way, the couple can celebrate together with all of their friends and families combined. If you choose to have a coed bridal shower, there are some things that need to be considered that are different from the traditional, females only bridal shower.

Bridal shower invitations

A traditional bridal shower has very girly, very feminine invitations. When you’re throwing a coed bridal shower, there needs to be some consideration for both parties involved: bride AND groom. If the invitations are too feminine, you’re less likely to entice the male guests. If you make the invitations too masculine, you run the risk of the female guests declining because they’ll think the party is focused around the groom.

Bridal shower theme

This goes hand in hand with the couples bridal shower invitations. It’s best if the invitations match the same theme as the shower, so make sure to pick a happy medium. Some theme ideas could be a Hawaiian Luau, The Great Outdoors, A Martini Mixer or A Mexican Fiesta. A theme can even be designed around the couple’s honeymoon destination.

Bridal shower registry

The classic bridal shower registry revolves around china patterns and silverware sets. With a coed bridal shower, the registry is vastly different. Registry items now include things that interest you, such as things for your hobbies and electronics. Go to the store of your choice, grab the registry gun they give you to scan bar codes and scan away! Don’t be afraid to add something to your registry, as you never know what guests will want to give you.

Bridal shower location

The typical, traditional bridal shower is usually at a relative’s house or a nice, quiet restaurant. Both the bride and groom need to be considered for a coed bridal shower, so the location should reflect that. This could also go along with the overall theme of the shower in wedding process. Perhaps the couple’s favorite restaurant, a great outdoor location for more informal themes such as barbecues and picnics, or even a winery for a wine-tasting theme.

Bridal shower games

Typically, there are games played at bridal showers. At coed bridal showers, these games need to either be changed out completely or adjusted to fit the fact that the guest list consists of both males and females. Men aren’t really going to be interested in fashioning a silly hat for the bride out of bows from all of the gifts. Perhaps games won’t be considered at all and the couple would rather have a get together that focuses on the social side of things. One idea that isn’t necessarily considered a game but is often done at coed bridal showers is to have baskets to raffle. The bridal party can put together themed baskets and then sell raffle tickets. Guests put their tickets into the bags of the baskets they wish to win and then the winners are announced at the end of the shower. It’s a good way for the couple to earn a little money to help offset the costs of getting married, while also giving the guests something for their money.
However you decide to put your coed shower together, make sure to keep both bride and groom considered and, most of all, have fun!