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What To Consider While Hiring A Marquee?

Although most of us prefer to organize social events and other parties at some hotel or other venues however some people like to enjoy in the open areas. It may be a field, garden or some other spot that has nice surroundings. Even though you wish to organize your party in the open space however you still need to have a covering overhead and at sides too. For this purpose, hiring a marquee is the best option as it is easily available and cheap too. There are numbers of suppliers from where you may hire a marquee in Essex. Here are some essential points that need to be think while hiring a marquee.

Consider the seasonal requirements– Marquees are available in different materials so as to cater to varying needs of customers according to prevalent season. In summers, you may choose a material that is able to block the heat from the surroundings but allow air inside. In winters, a thick layered marquee is perfect to make the internal atmosphere warm enough to make all the guests comfortable.

Size and shape- Depending upon the numbers of guests to be accommodated inside the marquee, these are available in varying sizes. You must also take into account the numbers of guests expected at your party or event. Inform the same to the marquee suppliers and then hire a marquee in Essex or other places accordingly. Also the shape of the marquee is important. Choose a shape that imparts a wonderful appearance to the party venue and make it look distinct and appealing.  

Colour combinations- Marquees are obtainable in variety of colours too. There may be single colours or combination of different colours as per requirements of different types of events or gatherings. Consider the occasion such as a birthday party, marriage, anniversary or some other event and select colours of the marquee correspondingly.

Rental charges- Obviously, the hosts of any party need to pay some amount of money to the marquee suppliers in the form of rent. You may check with different suppliers and ask for quotations for the marquee rental charge. While making comparisons you must also keep in mind the type and size of marquee. It is because the rental charges may vary according to size and type of the marquee. You also need to pay heed to your budget limits and select a marquee by following the same.

Availability of the marquee- Although there are numbers of marquee suppliers around however you still need to be sure about the availability of the marquee as per your schedule. During peak seasons, there may be shortage of marquees as all people are organizing parties and events. Therefore it is best to select the best marquee for your gathering well-in-advance and make bookings. It assures that you will definitely get the marquee on the due date.

Considering these points you may hire the best marquee and leave a memorable impression on your guests. Also it helps in organizing your party or event in an excellent way without the need to spend huge amounts of money.

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