There is more to Catering than You Think{0}

When most people think of catering they automatically think of events like weddings and other large family celebrations. Some business people will also think of other kinds of catering business,catered events such as product launches, training days and conferences.

Few who do not work in the industry realise what a big industry catering is and just how often we eat food produced and distributed by caterers. These days if you eat in a restaurant there is a chance that the dessert you are eating has been produced and distributed by a catering firm rather by the kitchen staff of the restaurant. Catering firms also provide food for sports clubs and workplace canteens.The world of catering is an interesting one. You never know where you will be working, and whom you will be serving. One day you could be providing meals for a family wedding and events, the next you could be serving up food to a film crew.

Naturally, a lot of the jobs involve the preparation and serving of food, but there are lots of other kinds of jobs available. Large catering firms employ people in marketing, procurement and logistics roles as well as support roles such as HR and accounting.

Getting Started in the Catering Industry

If you want to find a job in the catering industry and do not have any previous experience, you will have to start out by working as a waiter or washing dishes. From there you can progress. It is important to take advantage of any training opportunities. Do your food safety certificate and consider taking an NVQ. If you do this, you will be able to apply for other better paid roles within the industry.