Why You Shouldn’t Throw Your Old Clothes Away

If you are struggling to find things in the wardrobe perhaps, it is time to have a sort out. Doing so will make you feel much better and could potentially make you a bit of extra cash. Once you have cleared out your wardrobe you will be able to find what you want far more easily. It will also give you the chance to review your look and update it.

Here we are going to take a quick look at what you can do with your old clothes. Throwing then away is a waste especially now that there are so many other options; here are just a few of them.

Give them away

With old clothes, it is important to bear in mind that just because you no longer like them does not mean someone else will not fall in love with them and want to wear them.

All kinds of people want old clothes. Many people are finding making ends meet a struggle, so if somebody gives them a bag of clothes they are pleased. They can go through the bag for items that they, or another family member, can use, and with your permission, sell the rest. For those on a tight budget something like this can make the difference between being able to afford to heat the house and having to wear a coat indoors all winter.

Many charities and other organisations also welcome the gift of old clothes. There is always plenty of demand for second hand clothes, so they can sell them on or give them to their clients. Anything that does not sell can be bundled up and sold to a clothing recycler, so one way or another the charity you give your old clothes to is going to earn from them.

Sell them

Of course, you could also sell those clothes. Large items can easily be sold on auction sites or advertised on classified websites. These days, it is also possible to sell your clothes direct to resellers and recycling firms. Old clothes can be broken down and made into new threads and fabrics, which means that they actually have some monetary value. You can find firms who are willing to buy old clothes using the Yellow Pages or the web.

If you are lucky enough to have retro clothes or antique clothes selling them to a clothes dealer is a better option. Generally speaking, you will get far more for them than if you sold them on an auction site or to a recycling firm.

Get creative

Another great way of dealing with old clothes is to get the creative. Take an old winter coat give it new set of buttons and perhaps change the shape of the collar and cuffs to bring it up to date. Turning clothes into fancy dress outfits is another good way of utilising them.

With larger garments, you can also use the fabric to create something else perhaps a cushion cover or another soft furnishing item. Old T-shirts also make great pyjama tops and are good for wearing during DIY projects such as painting the living room.

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