A Brief Introduction To Fire Prevention Signs With Their Unique Qualities{0}

Today, in almost every establishment of commercial or residential areas, fire safety signs leading to humans to fire exit points and to fire extinguisher are apparent.  Furthermore, the location maps strategically fixed at the lobby or main hall. All these are some common example of fire prevention signs which are in use today. The Fire safety sign is an efficient and a cost effective to prevent fire-related damages and injuries and even saves many lives.

Installing fire safety signs is a must

Businesses owners, school or college authorities are strongly encouraged by fire safety experts and government to consider installing fire safety signs as safety reminders for their employees and students. With the increase in the number of global fire-related accidents, it is advent that fire is the major threat to any building and human life. Therefore, to decrease or curb down these fire accidents many states have taken necessary steps to introduce and enforce fire safety policies and regulation on the building owner or its guardian.

Their purpose

Fire safety signs are basically signboard used as directions that point to emergency fire alarm box, exits and fire extinguisher. With these signs, people will find it easier to take the necessary actions at the time of an unforeseen fire accident.  The exit fire safety sign prevents stampedes by guiding people to the exit doors, if the situation is totally out of control. Some additional fire safety signs can be displaced around the safety alarm providing information on what to do in the event of a fire. These signs feature pictures, text on red or green background. The design of these signs may vary as they are bound to offer specific instructions for a building, must follow the standardized format.

Fire safety signs with a red background identify and lead to the firefighting equipment and alarm in the building, whereas fire safety signs with a green background indicate assembly point, escape routes, and emergency exits.

Their visibility is must

In order to improve the effectiveness of these signs during emergencies, it is important that they should be placed at places where they are clearly visible to all. Their visibility is important, that’s why today fire safety signs are also available in glossy luminance materials. Aside from this, the fire safety signs you have placed in your building must adhere to all the fire safest norms and regulation of your state such as location, height, size, etc.

Photoluminescent fire safety signs

During an event of the fire, the lighting of the building may be affected. So, it is highly advisable that fire safety signs are photoluminescent so that can glow in the dark.

Most people often panic during fire emergencies, they do know what to do, and they just shout “fire-fire” and run here and there for safety. Therefore, fire prevention signs placed in public areas of a building such as the canteen, reception, hall, etc. will really helpful to them. Information should be clear on what to do if fire is discovered.