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Different Types Of Tables For Special Events

We come across situations when our friends, relatives and other known people are invited by us to celebrate certain functions. Let it be a birthday party, marriage anniversary; send-off for an old staff, reception ceremony or other such event. Large numbers of persons gather and interact with each other apart from enjoying the event. Dine and Dinner, dance and other entertainments give pride to the people that arrange the parties and the ones who participate.

We have to arrange tables, chairs, tents and other such things that are necessary for us to make such events unforgettable. The people who invite their known ones or who make arrangements may not be able to purchase the tables, chairs or glassware for such events. That’s where table hire service providers come to their help. They make available the requisite items against nominal charges. They arrange delivery of these particular items at the sites.

Following types of tables are usually made available for such events:

  1. Cocktail Table – It is understood that no special event is considered as successful unless wine, beer and other alcoholic items are served. The modern people like alcohol to be included in their dinner. Beer is also liked by many than taking soft drinks. Cocktail tables are the ones that are usually placed at the sites of special events. These unique mirrored console tables suit such parties with their extraordinary looks. The participants take pride in enjoying the drinks on such tables.
  2. Round Table Hire 3/4/5/6 ft– These round shaped tables suit for the participants that love to talk to each other while enjoying their drinks. Usually four to eight persons can enjoy the parties while standing against such tables.
  3. 4ft Trestle Table Hire – These light-weight tables are easy to carry for special events. Very less space is required for these tables that are easy to assemble. These tables usually suit for four persons that can be accommodated in easy manners.
  4. 6ft Trestle Table Hire – Hard stuff is used to make such tables that can face a weight of approx two hundred fifty kg. Special party-organizers usually ask for such tables that have become the preferred choice of millions of party participants.
  5. Café Table – People running coffee shops, cafes and restaurants usually purchase such tables. Those making arrangements for special events or small parties etc also prefer to hire such tables. Attractive looks of these pieces with wooden finish attract the participants. Easy to clean, these tables are made available by the table hire service providers against genuine charges.
  6. Stainless Steel Bistro Table – You can maintain such tables in easy manners. They facilitate strong resistance to adverse weathers, rust and other damaging factors. Genuinely priced, these long lasting tables are hired by the ones that intend to entertain their known ones at special events.

The above types of tables are in great demand all over the world. People arranging special events like birthday / cocktail / marriage reception or other parties hire such tables from table hire service providers.

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