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Express Yourself With The Exhibition Stand Designs

Admittedly you might not be the next Monet, nor are your amateur scribbling anywhere near as good as Vincent Van Gogh’s but, does that mean you aren’t worthy of displaying them for the enjoyment of the public eye? Indeed, just because you will never make a name for yourself in the world of art, doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of displaying what can be achieved at you inexperienced hands.

Welcome to the exhibition stand designs. These are the specialist UK providers of display stand solutions and can cater for anyone’s exhibition needs. From small to large scale events, there’s no job too big or too small for us.

exhibition panels

They have an unbeatable range of exhibition panels to suit your needs. Our exhibition panels are ideal for showcasing paintings with intricate detailing and are equally utilized in art galleries, universities, hospitals, and museums. Not just exhibition panels, our so- called ‘exhibition panels’ are ideal for charities, organizations, and societies and all of our modular exhibition panels- finished in 17 colors – are manufactured using loop nylon fabric to remain lightweight and durable yet sturdy and aesthetically appealing.


Our folding system exhibition panels are perfect for when you have paintings and images of different sizing that must be displayed simultaneously and reign supreme as one of our best sellers. This PVC framed series of exhibition panels is the lightest we offer and offers a solution for most budgets. This set of bespoke exhibition panels can be hinged in sets of 3 or 4 exhibition panels with the ability to add row upon row to incorporate an associated table top to accommodate supporting information upon your artistic offerings.

Working with new businesses, aspiring artists, flourishing charities and dwindling schools alike nationwide, with a vast array of branded exhibition panels, They will involve us in the design and installation process of your exhibitions or displays as much or as little as you like and have the perfect blend of expertise, creativity, experience and knowledge to give you the display solution to suit your needs. More importantly, understanding the needs of exhibitors, tailor our exhibition panels design service to get the required message across effectively and efficiently.

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