Handy Tips On Finding A Florist And Choosing The Best Wedding Bouquet{0}

If you plan to get married soon, then you certainly know that flowers play a central role – not only the wedding flower arrangements but also the bride’s bouquet must be flawless! Here you will find some professional tips that you will certainly find useful:

Plan Ahead Of Time

One of the biggest mistakes most future brides do is that they pay attention to the flower arrangements only several days prior to the wedding, when it is essential to make an appointment with the chosen florist ahead of time. Florists are extremely busy during summer months, this is why many brides choose to book their florist at least 6 months in advance. Flower decoration is not an easy task, so do not underestimate it!

The chances are that there are hundreds of florists in your town – however, how do you choose the best one? A great idea would be to ask for recommendations, to read magazines that specialize in weddings and flower arrangements or to simply use the Internet.

Meet Your Florist

Meeting the florist face-to-face prior to booking him is essential, to see if you are on the same wavelength. Let him know about your desires and help him get a mental picture of your future wedding. Don’t skimp on details – the more information you give, the better. Also, ask for a catalogue or a track of record to see the florist work, to see if he meets your needs. If you don’t feel like you connect with your florist, don’t lose hope – you still have several tens of other florists waiting for you!

Graphics Work Like Magic

Have you seen a flower arrangement in a magazine and you really loved it? Perfect, simply crop it and show it to your florist! This way, the florist will get an idea about the type of arrangement, the color palette you want and the types of flowers. Finding the perfect flower decoration has never been easier!

Talk Numbers!

Money talks, and that’s a known fact – don’t be ashamed to talk numbers at your first interview. Let your florist know about your budget, so that he or she can come up with some ideas that do not exceed your financial capabilities.

How To Choose The Right Flower Bouquet:

Given the wealth of different flower types, choosing the right bouquet for your wedding is certainly not an easy task! Two of the most important factors you need to take into account are the wedding theme/inspiration and the season when the wedding will take place.

Think Seasonally

Your bouquet and flower arrangements should be according to the season. Will the wedding take place in spring? If so, then some gorgeous spring flowers should do. On the other hand, if your wedding will take place in summer, then nothing compared to a bouquet of roses or bright sunflowers! You can create an outstanding bouquet by simply paying attention to the season and by adding some seasonal vegetation to the bouquet.

Choose Your Bouquet Based On The Theme

The theme of the wedding is by far the most important aspect, as everything will revolve around it, starting with the location of the wedding and ending with the flower arrangements. Make sure the color of the flowers match the theme, and that the music compliments everything. Inform your florist about the wedding theme and allow his creativity to go wild!

Make Sure The Flowers Match Your Wedding Dress

There is no bigger nightmare for a bride than having a bouquet that is totally unfit for her dress. The model of the dress as well as the color play a central role, and the bouquet must compliment your outfit. Also, make sure the style of the bouquet is suitable as well!

Take Into Account The Overall Atmosphere

Will the wedding me rather romantic with a vintage touch, or perhaps you opt for a modern wedding that will certainly stand out from the crowd? What is your venue? What about the décor and the color of the walls? All these aspects are essential when choosing the flowers and floral decorations!

Be Yourself, Be Different!

Nowadays, most brides are looking for something unique, something nobody has ever seen before. Only a skilled florist with solid background in the field can deliver a top-notch, original bouquet and flower arrangement. You can opt for a floral bag or ball, or you can choose a floral lapel – the choice is entirely yours!

Go With The Trend Flow!

Wedding change from seasons to season and from one year to another – if you are a stylish, chic bride then you certainly want to pay attention to the color codes and designs brought the new fashion season. Despite the fact that colors are never the same from one season to another, a unique combination of flowers and fabric will never become old-fashioned, so make sure to put this interesting combination on your list!