Five Reasons You Might Need to Pay Your Dentist a Visit{0}

It’s fair to say that the frequency you attend your local dental practice is completely up to you, and it also may depend on the type of health plan you are on. However, you should really try to go as much as possible to ensure that your oral health is maintained – something which can prevent further complications in later life.

Here are five of the most common reasons people visit the dentist – let them act as a reminder to you to make your next appointment to keep those pearly whites shining!

Check up

Most people are advised to have a check-up with their dentist at least twice a year, six months apart. Some people may need to attend more frequently than this if they have a problem that needs to be observed carefully by a dental professional. Regular check-ups will involve using mirrors and metal utensils to check the health of the teeth and gums. Recommendations can also be issued to patients about how they could improve their dental hygiene.


Hygienist appointment

Some people choose to have an appointment with the hygienist on the same day as their check-up, or at a more convenient time. It is often the case that a dentist may refer a patient to see the hygienist if they believe there is significant build-up of plaque on and in between the teeth. A hygienist will also show patients how to better take care of their teeth when they are at home, such as by using dental floss or mouthwash.

Get a filling

Nobody enjoys them, but fillings are another common reason that people go to the dentist. This is often quite uncomfortable and in some cases unnerving, but it can help to restore a sense of normality to dental health when sorted out. People of many ages can get a filling, although one way of avoiding them is by getting sealant treatments done as a child.

Have dental implants

Another reason to go to the dentist is for dental implants. There are selected practices that offer specific solutions such as All On 4 Dental Implants. There are a number of different reasons for needing to get dental implants such as from disease, and there are a few ways to fit implants depending on the number of them needed and the structure of the jaw and gums. You would be able to look online for dentists that offer particular treatments such as those by All On 4.

Get orthodontic treatment

Finally, orthodontic treatments are incredibly popular, and now many adults are also seeing the benefits from a cosmetic and health perspective. There are various techniques that are used to help create more space in the mouth, or line teeth up properly. Just some of these include removable retainers, non-removable braces, and wires hidden behind the teeth. It is sometimes the case that a patient may require the removal of one or more teeth to complete a treatment to the best effect.