Benefits Of Using Bifa Members For International Car Shipping{0}

International car shipping allows car owners or businesses to transport their beloved cars or business assets to other countries across the Indian subcontinent, Africa, China or any other country worldwide. International car shipping allows the import and export of custom, bespoke or rare cars where they are not easy to obtain in the country of residence.

The most affordable international car shipping are from independent overseas car shipping freight forwarders that keep overheads low meaning the international car shipping companies can pass the savings onto the client. By going directly to the international car shipping freight forwarders, you will be cutting the cost of the middleman who may charge you a small additional finders fee by finding an international car shipping allocation delivery slot to get your car or cars over to the required country and within the time scale that you require.

Independent international car shipping companies normally handles the transport from start to finish such as customs clearance at all major ports and airports, applying for import licences that must accompany and log each international car shipping request, provide advice on classifying the goods, storage and distribution of the cars where the international car shipping may help out with the packing and repack of goods and ensure the goods are delivered to the intended destination.

International car shipping is likely to be carried out by ocean freight where the car will be loaded and transported in a full container. International car shipping freight companies that are members of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) means all business transactions are carried out in accordance with the current trading standards of the BIFA and aim to deliver high-quality freight and logistics services meaning you are more likely to receive excellent customer service and communication.

You can check if the international car shipping company is registered with BIFA on the BIFA website. It also important to check international car shipping credentials and if the international car shipping company have the appropriate insurance cover in place which should ensure the safety of your car in case anything goes wrong whilst the vehicle is in transit.