Getting To Know The Danger Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is indeed a great thing to happen in the life of every woman. But it is important to note that right from the time of getting pregnant, the person has to face plenty of risks that involve both the would-be mother and her unborn baby. If the person is not careful to recognize the issues, then there is grave danger of the baby’s precious life being risked. Fortunately, there are present some danger signs that needs to be understood and recognized. This will help the person to be better prepared and watch out each and every step and stage when pregnant, so as to take care of self and the baby within the womb.

Some danger signs to be wary about

  • Fetal movement could prove to be a grave concern, if it is found not to reach 10/hour. It will be useful to make use of baby kick monitor to monitor the number of times the baby kicks in the womb. In case, the kicks get often, then it could possibly be a sign of the baby struggling inside. If this is what the woman has been experiencing off late, then without any further delay, she needs to consult the qualified and experienced physician.
  • Bleeding is found to be a danger sign if it is found to be more than just a spot. In case, the person bleeds profusely throughout the day, then the chances of baby miscarriage is high. In such cases, the pregnant woman should get herself admitted into the hospital.
  • If pain is experienced in the abdomen during pregnancy, then it can be a sign that the uterus has started to expand and the child has been growing within. However, if the person faces persistent, severe and constant pain within the abdomen region, then this might mean miscarriage or placental abruption.
  • If high fever is experienced, then it can be dangerous potentially to the baby. If fever is over 38 degrees, then the child may face brain damage. This will only result in further problems for the child and the mother later on. Discussing with the physician will help to get a better solution to the sudden fever that has taken place.
  • If there is felt pain during urination, then it is a sign that needs to be looked out. This may be because of urinary tract infection that may hasten premature labor or possible miscarriage besides causing infection in the womb.
  • If toes and fingers swell besides wrist and ankles, then it can be dangerous for the pregnant woman. This may lead towards pregnancy induced hypertension. The symptoms and signs may include increased blood pressure, light headedness and headache.

The above mentioned danger signs do help mothers to be aware and educated on what is to be done and avoided during pregnancy and ensure delivery of healthy babies. Using the advanced, modern and sophisticated tools, it is possible to timing contractions when to go to hospital.

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