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How To Plan A Small Wedding

Some couples dream of spending the day with hundreds of their friends and family for their wedding day, but others prefer the intimacy of a smaller wedding. However, smaller weddings do not always equate to an easier time planning. At smaller weddings, guests tend to expect more because you are not spending your money feeding three hundred people. Here are some tips on how to plan a small wedding and make sure your guests feel special.

Decide on How Many Guests to Invite

Usually a small wedding consists of less than 50 guests, comprised mainly of close friends and family. This means that you likely will not be inviting distant cousins or family members you may have only met once and your parents will not be inviting everyone they know.

Consider a Destination Wedding

One way to ensure that the wedding stays small and intimate is to plan a destination wedding. These weddings usually only consist of parents, siblings and the bride and grooms best friend. This may be the best choice if you do not want people feeling like they are being left out, and you can always host a BBQ or party when you come home for those who didn’t attend.

Treat Your Guests Well

Having a small wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you want to do everything for ‘cheap’. Small weddings give the couple the chance to sit down with their guests and have a meal at a more intimate location, such as a winery. Give your guests favors they will enjoy, such as a box of chocolates or bottle of wine and make sure they are entertained well.

Do Something Fun

Adding something big and spectacular to your wedding can make it feel larger and more impressive to you and your guests. You don’t have to spend a fortune or plan something elaborate, but having some fun activities can make a big impact. You could hand out wedding sparklers to your guests or setup a game of Twister to make things more fun, and instantly your small wedding will feel ten times larger. If you choose to have sparklers at your wedding, make sure you pay attention to two main things: quality and length. Your best bet is to go with 36” wedding sparklers or longer always buy from a reputable company to get the best results.

Pay Attention to Details

Many couples planning a small wedding do not hire a wedding planner, but small weddings can be just as difficult to plan as large ones. If you decide to go without a wedding planner, make sure you have all payment dates and reminders marked down, keep a paper trail and pay close attention to the details of vendor contracts.

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