How To Prevent Accidents In The Home{0}

In the UK, more than 5000 people die in accidents at home every year, while 2.7 million more end up having to go to accident and emergency.

Here are some tips to avoid accidents in the home and garden.

Garden and DIY Safety

– All electrical appliances should be disconnected from the mains supply before you carry out any cleaning or repairs.

– Always employ a qualified person to complete gas and electrical repairs.

– Chemicals, tools and paint need to be stored well out of the reach and sight of children.

– Tools should be kept in good condition and regularly cleaned.

Electrical Safety

– Electric sockets should not be overloaded.

– Have all wiring inspected by qualified electrician. Inspections should be carried out every five years.

– Discard all electrical appliances with worn or damaged flexes.

– Immediately stop using faulty electrical appliances and have them checked straight away.

– Mains-operated electrical appliances should never be used in the bathroom

Heating and Cooking

– Chimneys should be swept annually.

– External grilles should be kept clear and open.

– Flu-like symptoms and drowsiness could indicate CO2 poisoning. Be aware of symptoms and immediately stop using gas appliances and leave the house if you suspect a problem.

– Inspect pilot lights on gas appliances frequently to ensure they are still lit.

– If you smell gas, open all windows. Contact your energy supplier and switch the supply off. Never operate switches if you suspect a leak as sparks may ignite leaking gas.

When buying gas appliances, always look for the British Standards safety ‘kite’ mark or British Seal of Approval.

– When an open fire or heater is in use, it is advisable to supervise young children.

– Care should be taken when boiling water for cooking or when making hot drinks. Keep all young children out of the kitchen when preparing hot food.

– Cordless kettles will prevent children pulling them over.

– Knives should be kept sharp but well away from where children could reach them.

– When cooking on the hob, remember pan handles should be turned inward to ensure they cannot be pulled over by children.

– When storing heavy items, place them on low shelves where they can be easily reached and cannot fall.

Fire Safety

Smoke detectors should be fitted on every floor.

– Deep-fat fryers should never be left unattended.

– Candles and portable heaters should be positioned well away from furnishings and where they cannot be knocked over.

– Smoking in bed should be avoided at all costs.

– Matches and lighters should be stored safely out of children’s reach

Safety with Household Chemicals and Medicines

– Keep medicines in their original containers, clearly labelled and out of the reach of children.

– Store garden chemicals with extreme care and away from children.

– Medications should be returned to a chemist for safe disposal – don’t keep them at home.