Unique Benefits From Sensory Gardens{0}

You may have heard of the words ‘Sensory Gardens‘ mentioned and have no idea what they actually mean. Well, sensory gardens are gardens that have been designed for people to enjoy, people that may not normally get to experienced such things, like disabled people for example, but they are gardens that can be enjoyed by able-bodied people as well.

Sensory gardens incorporate sounds and smell so people can experience new senses and sounds. Edible plants are one item that you will probably find in a sensory garden, as are water features as they have a way of making people feel comfortable and relaxed. Sculptures are often found in sensory gardens for the blind as they can touch and feel with their hands. Scented gardens and sound gardens can be found where everyone can experience things that they may normally never experience otherwise.


Sensory garden equipment is now widely available with many great websites now stocking and selling a wide range of products. Musical chimes and interactive sound posts can be linked together so visitors can experience new sounds. There are items like rain wheels for example. Simply turn the wheel to experience the sound of falling rain.

Garden planters are another common item found in sensory gardens. They allow visitors to learn about how plants grow, starting off as seedlings all the way through to fully grown plants. A great item for any sensory garden is that of mirrors. Children just love concave and convex mirrors as they look at their distorted reflection. Both types of these mirrors can be bought and they can be erected horizontally and vertically.

Take a look on the internet and pictures and images of sensory gardens and see for yourself how much work has gone into designing and building them. You may work at a school for disabled children and have been given some funding to have a sensory garden built on the grounds of your school. By taking a look at these images you will get some great ideas for your own sensory gardens, gardens that will give pleasure to many different people.