How To Win Clients And Influence Markets With Pink Diamonds?

Every year, investors all over the world invest substantial amounts of their hard-earned money on investment mediums like – 

  • Oil
  • Commodities
  • Real estate and
  • Precious metals.

All of the aforementioned mediums of investment have been tried and tested over the years.

Recently, people are now placing their hopes on investment-grade pink diamond pieces, especially the ones from Argyle offered by investment-grade diamond consultants.

What is the reason behind this sudden shift in the choice of investment medium and how pink coloured diamonds are influencing the market?

Well, there are tons of reasons behind this occurrence.

Some of those reasons are enunciated in the sections below hence please pay attention – 

  • If an investor invests in precious metals like gold, silver or even platinum, chances are high that they might lose their investment in a matter of minutes as the prices of precious metals depend on the stability of the financial market. That is not the case when one is investing in investment-grade pink coloured diamonds as even when the financial market goes out of balance, diamonds keep their market value intact.
  • One would not need to register the pieces of diamonds they have purchased as an investment medium(s). This allows a person to enjoy complete anonymity.
  • Investment-grade diamonds are bankruptcy proof.
  • Investment-grade diamonds can be used as a form of emergency currency since it is the only alternative currency next to gold that enjoys a global acceptance.
  • When one chooses to invest their hard-earned money on investment-grade diamonds they would not need to worry about showing the expenses in their tax filing as investing in diamonds is a tax-free process.
  • Investment-grade diamonds don’t need periodic preventative maintenance as it is the hardest material in nature. Nothing except another diamond can alter the physical attributes of an investment-grade diamond.
  • Diamonds are found abundantly in nature but investment-grade pink coloured diamonds are rare. On top of this, the largest supplier of natural pink-coloured diamonds – the Argyle diamond mine of Australia has closed its doors this year. This means that there are no new pieces that are being released into the market. The price of pink-coloured diamonds was always high and from this year onwards, the price is rising exponentially as the demand for the same is also increasing steadily. Hence, if one holds on to their diamond investments for years, the value of the same will be huge when one finally chooses to let go of the piece. Get the point?

If you have plans to invest in an investment medium in a bid to diversify your investment portfolio then be sure to choose a medium that you can hold on to for a long time without worrying about losing its market value. Furthermore, the investment medium should give you high returns on the money you have invested. Another aspect that you should prioritise while choosing an investment medium is how easy it is to liquefy the medium when the time comes. Now, it is evident that all of these aspects are only shown by investment-grade pink diamonds. This should be convincing enough for one to invest in a piece right away!

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