Modern Shop Window Design

It seems as though if the high street is to survive there needs to be a blending of traditional customer service and modern technology. Rather than being the enemy of the traditional retail space, technology can enhance it in all sorts of different ways adding better aesthetics and improved functionality. 

One of the recognisable features of the high street shop is the shop window. For over a hundred years the shop window has been a central to how shops perceive themselves and how customers perceive retail environments. A good shop window performs a range of functions, it markets the store, changes according to seasons and generally appeals to the aesthetic sensibilities of those that pass buy.

As it happens shop windows can be improved in all sorts of different ways, using modern technology. The actual glass can be improved through installing decorative glass panels. This decorative glass is extremely modern and functional, delivering excellent durability, humidity resistance and great transparency – as well as decorative features such as  such as marble effects or glass made to your own specifications.

You might also consider using video technology in a shop window. The benefit here is that moving pictures are much more dynamic than static mannequins etc. There are all kinds of video technology that can be used in window spaces, from HD TVs to cutting edge technologies such as holographic displays.

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